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We provide the latest in contact lens technology. Dr. Funk was one of the first optometrists in Central Illinois to offer Accelerated Corneal Molding in order to help slow the progression of myopia in children. Dr. Funk received his training at the National Eye Research Foundation in 2000. We offer customized design of contact lenses for all ages.



We specialize in Myopia Control for children – ask us about our “CANDY” plan! We use a corneal topographer to customize your contact lenses. We have extensive experience in fitting post surgical problems, keratoconus, difficult to fit cases and dry eye complications.




We customize retainers (a specialized contact lens) in order to

help slow the progression of nearsightedness. These retainers

are left in for 6 to 8 hours or more and eliminate or reduce the

need for glasses or contacts during the day. Ask our staff for

more info.


Myopia, or Nearsightedness, is an epidemic in children. If your

child is having trouble with his or her distance vision, or

experiencing rapid increase in his or her glasses prescription,

please ask our office how our CANDY Plan may help. We are

here to help slow the progression of nearsightedness.


To determine what changes in the eyes of children cause

certain eyes to progress in nearsightedness more slowly:


  • Corneal Reshaping Controls Myopic Progression in Children

  • Primary Care Optometry News – S. Barry Eiden, FAAO

  • LORIC – Long Term Ortho-K Research in Children) Cho, Pauline

  • CRAYON – Corneal Reshaping and Yearly Observation of Nearsightedness – An Update to the LORIC study – Walline, Jeff

  • SMART Study – Stabilization of Myopia through Accelerated Reshaping Technology – Eiden, Davis, Herzberg

Dr.Funk was trained by Dr. Cary Herzberg at NERF (National Eye Research Foundation)


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