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Come check out a new fully stocked opthlamic and sun Ray-Ban collection! We also now carry Ray-Ban's for kids!












 We are also now carrying the brand Legre!!























Shaun Livingston Foundation


Tri-County Eye Center is proud to support the

Shaun Livingston Foundation.  Livingston is a NBA Nets

basketball player who has a foundation whose goal is to

keep kids off of the streets.  After Livingston's career as a

NBA basketball player is complete he plans to move back

to the local area and work even harder on keeping kids off the

street.  Please help support Shaun Livingston's Foundation if

you can, any amount helps and please pay it forward.



Mission Statement for Shaun Livingston's Foundation:


”Change Their Lives By Changing Their Environment!” This is the heart cry of the Shaun Livingston Foundation.

The foundation seeks to create life-changing environments to help America’s youth develop into

strong, focused individuals, with a mindset to attain the highest level of personal success."


     Livingston had already returned to Peoria once this season.

Just before Christmas with the Nets on a long weekend, he returned to help out.

His foundation and department store Target donated $6,500 worth of gift cards

to area families affected by the November tornado. This trip was more about

inspiration, as 200 people, mostly kids, gathered downtown for an

"An Evening with Shaun Livingston" according to  









                                                                                                   Duette Lenses


                                                                                           For those who have difficulties with wearing contacts due to their                                                                                                           astigmatism or bifocals, Dr. Funk is now fitting Duette Lenses.  

                                                                                           Duette Lenses are a hybrid lens meaning it is both a semi-                                                                                                               rigid and soft contact lens.  They are also High Definition which                                                                                                       gives you  better icuity.  The Duette Lenses provide a better vision like a HD tv.                                                                            These lenses also come as a bifocal lense (they still are HD).  If you have been                                                                               told you cannot wear contacts due to astigmatism these contacts may be for                                                                                                  you!  The outter rim of this contact is soft while the inner part is semi-rigid.  










     We have added an exclusive Avant-Garde Eyeweat by TagHeuer.  We have also added Sonny Versanos, Square Roots, and GiGi which of many are hand made.




     There are two new glaucoma medications that have been FDA approved.  One of the medications ZIOPTAN is preservative free which may be a better option for you if you are having problems tolerating your medication.  The other is a combination drug which is designed to help lower pressures which are not being controlled by the use of their current medications.  It is called SIMBRINZA.  Please ask your eyecare professional for more details on either of these medications.   


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